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Vic established his position in Atlanta. This is the scene where he quickly rose to stardom and eventually fell out of favor. Before Vic appeared in 2001, the Falcons had been a regular visitor to the cellar. In fact, this team has never announced consecutive winning seasons. Everything changed when Vic came to town. Suddenly, the Falcons became legal contenders and boasted the most exciting player in the championship title. As a humanized highlight reel, Vic dazzled the public with his dynamic playing ability and frustrated the defense. The legend of NFL superstar Michael Vick began in Atlanta.

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Philadelphia witnessed Vic’s redemption and returned to the superstar. Although he only started 12 games, he set a career high in passing yards, completion rate, QB score, passing TD and rushing TD. His “coming out” party is legendary. On Monday night in Week 10, in the football game against divisional opponent Washington, Vic led Philadelphia to a 59-28 victory over the Redskins with 413 yards of offense and 6 TDs. He became the first player in NFL history to pass 300 yards and rush for 100 yards in the first half of a championship title.


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