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I was shocked and confused. The voices of the other girls are beautiful. My voice is ugly, I can’t sing, this is my deep condolences. I like music. I’m already composing music, I’m thinking about a mix of music titles and titles, I’m listening to Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin. It made me too painful to sing. Every morning when my class sings, I remain silent. I don’t want to embarrass myself or ruin the song.
I know my voice is terrible, because my parents told me. Tell me directly, tell me indirectly, suggest. I thought my voice was good, but I realized that I thought the title I heard sounded very different from what other people heard. School retreats, travels, overnight stays-I am very quiet. When we were all swaying, I sat in the circle, because everyone else raised their voices with singing, reddening with the light of the music-I was silent. The music swells in my body, the music reaches a climax in my body, I sing in my mind, creating intricate and complex harmony-everything is in my mind. My voice stopped.

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